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The beginning of the 21st century marks the age of mobile technology where almost every person in the world owns a mobile phone. Businesses and individuals use mobile phone technology for all purposes be they commercial or personal. Consequently, SMS broadcasting has become a popular marketing strategy for many modern businesses in the UAE.

Reach thousands of people in an instant

Because mobile broadcasting traverses demographic and geographical limitations, your chances of reaching your market are high. Mobile phone ownership in many countries including UAE is nearly 100% of the population, far more than those who have contact with television or Internet. Marketers who could not reach target consumers through traditional ways of advertising can therefore to take advantage of mobile marketing.

Lower your expenses significantly

SMS broadcasting is one of the most cost-effective marketing media available for mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile messaging radically reduces the production and distribution cost of marketing messages because all you need to produce is a plain simple text—no need for photographic equipment, video cameras, microphones or fancy computers for editing.

Target customers in a given location

While network providers can reach millions of people anywhere through wireless technology, location based services are also available offering custom advertising based on a person’s current location. Mobile phone providers can get location from the built-in GPS chip in phones or by using radiolocation, and use this information to promote location-based activities or events. With this special kind of narrowcasting, you are sure to send the right message to the right receiver at the right time.

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People take their phone with them wherever they go, maintain it switched on all the time, and read any alert they get from their mobile phone; that is why you are sure to get quick, immediate feedback anywhere, anytime.