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Facsimile machines are often used to transmit important documents from one office to another, but that is not the only use of fax, it can also be used to transmit your advertisement. While this is an old marketing practice, it still proves to be very effective in transmitting relevant information because fax machines are still in use and are still quite popular in many offices.

Target a specific audience

Fax marketing may be a thing of the past, but it's still appropriate if used in the correct method. Most if not all who use fax machines are organizations, profit or not-for-profit.

Engage your reader

Despite our high-tech advancements, many business people are more at ease with a hard copy and a tangible approach. Your message will surely be picked up in a company and read at least once.

Extremely low cost

Traditional print ads when placed on a daily newspaper or a monthly magazine can cost you a huge amount of money. Faxed ads can cost you nothing at all for production and delivery.

Veer away from the competition

Unlike traditional print ads place on newspapers and magazines, your ad is seen alone and full-page—no more competing for attention with other ads. A personalized touch could be added to your advertisement; a fax can easily send a handwritten note or a small photograph to a potential customer, adding human touch to the message.