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In the advent of social media and digitalization, emails prove to be one of the most popular methods in which people exchange messages, whether business or personal. People access their mails through desktops, phones, and tablets and via the internet or through their network providers. Because of this, email has gained its popularity as a modern marketing tool for many businesses.

Reach your consumers directly, quickly

Email broadcasting allows you to send out direct business-to-consumer and business-to-business messages at the blink of an eye, and receive immediate feedback in the form of quick replies, phone inquiries, and website visits. Unlike postal mails sent via snail mail that takes weeks to get prepared (such as flyers, catalogues and brochures), an email campaign can be broadcasted in minutes.

Send out fun, interactive emails

Unlike TVCs, print ads, radio ads, and other offline media, emails can be in any form—a simple letter, an engaging image that links your website, an electronic coupon, a colorful, elegantly-designed HTML message, or streaming video or sound—and facilitates immediate interactivity with your target consumers. This is particularly beneficial for people living a fast-paced life; a simple link to any website or media makes up for a quick response.

Save up with inexpensive ads

The cost per email is much cheaper in bulk email broadcasting compared to traditional forms of media such as print ads. Email pushes directly into the receiver’s inbox and you don’t have to wait for a magazine issue, or a radio or a TV spot in order to send your message across.

Communicate with thousands of people

With a snap of a finger,