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UAE's most reliable network for multi-channel marketing
ebizae.com is home to the most powerful network of business and individual contacts consistently updated through direct verification by our dedicated support team.

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"There are many email marketing service providers but ebizae.com is one that offers a complete and comprehensive email marketing solution."

"ebizae.com is a remarkable system. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow their business."

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About ebizae.com

ebizae.com is the leading multi-channel marketing system provider in the United Arab Emirates offering email, SMS, and facsimile broadcasting services to thousands of business and individual contacts not only in the UAE but also in the India, and other Middle Eastern countries. Our aim is to deliver messages that reflect your organization’s professional marketing and branding as efficiently and as accurately as possible to engage the receivers by ensuring prompt feedback in the form of inquiries and website visits by your potential customers.

Unlike other companies who claim to have the biggest database of contacts, we rely on the quality rather than the quantity of our existing contacts, but we do not lag behind in numbers. We offer a wide database that has been consistently updated weekly for more than five years now by a dedicated support team that verifies the accuracy and usability of every number, email, office address, and other contact details found in our directory, ensuring that our database contains the latest, working details. We provide in-house editorial and design team that conceptualizes text and design material depending on your needs and requirements.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple:
"To be the best and most reliable multi-channel marketing tool that will enable businesses to uncover untapped markets through the use of cost effective media such as email, SMS, and fax."

With all of these marketing tools, we are sure to provide a reliable marketing strategy for your company.

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